sweat equity

I posted a month ago with the intention of starting up a regular blog of our adventures, which of course never happened, mostly due to the complete chaos that my life is in. Now work has settled down a bit, and the house and the wedding don’t seem like such huge looming catastrophes anymore, so I’m going to try to get this thing going again with some tales of what we’ve been up to so far.

After ripping up the carpet on the first floor to find parquet floors beneath, we were anxious to see what the rest of the place looked like. The realtor warned us that there was no hardwood in the rest of the house, but we’re not good listeners, and as a result found this in one of the bedrooms:

The vinyl pulled up like paper, it was marvelous. Unfortunately, the second floor was not so easy:

We remain cautiously optimistic that the floors can still be brought back to their original beauty. And if not it looks like we’re going to be wearing shoes in the house for quite some time, which will make Greg happy, since he refuses to take his shoes off in our apartment.

Part of the reason the renovations have taken such a toll on us is our sudden case of home-improvement-related A.D.D. We jumped right into scraping wallpaper, but once you’ve peeled off all of the huge, satisfying loose strips, you’re left with the glue-encrusted little scraps in the corners, which are much more difficult to remove and therefore much less fun. As a result, we get about 78% finished with one wall and then Greg says, “I’m gonna go rip up some vinyl upstairs.” Then once he’s finished about 67% of that, it’s, “Ok, so you wanna start spackling?” Then we start priming only to realize that the spackle still needs to be sanded. In the first month, the first project that we (actually Greg) have completed from start to finish is installing the new toilet seats:

Coming up in our next few installments, see the fruits of our wallpaper labor, check out our brand new ceiling fans, and learn which roofing company you should NEVER EVER hire!

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