Don’t caulk with me.

I didn’t mention this in the last post because I can only bring up so many things at once, and it’s confusing to be trying to catch up on things chronologically, but we already hired someone to refinish our floors. They are at the house right now, which is probably the only thing that’s giving me some time to post here. After we realized that there was wood (albeit scary wood) beneath the vinyl, we called in a few professionals to get their opinions. The price of having them refinished was about a quarter of what it would cost for just the materials if we were to install new hardwood, so in the end we went with a company called Henry’s Floor Sanding.

We chose Henry for several reasons. He came highly recommended on Angie’s List, and he gave us an estimate of $1,200 less than the first company. But the more superficial reason we hired him was because on Angie’s List his company is listed as “Henry’s Sanding Floor,” and with a name like that he HAD to be good. We talked about him so much beforehand that his name became simply “Henry Sanding Floor,” which we thought would have been the perfect Native American name, if he weren’t already Vietnamese. Alas, when the van arrived at our house, the lettering on the side read “Henry’s Floor Sanding.” But we went with him anyway.

They will be at the house for four days, so we have to wait until Sunday to go back in. I am absolutely dying to see what the floors will look like, I have a feeling they’ll change the whole feel of the house. Despite my impatience, at least now we get to take a few days off from working on the house and do more relaxing things, like pack and work on the wedding. Oh wait, did I say “relaxing”?

And here is the random photo part of the post:

So far the most torturous part has been dealing with details, like the leftover wallpaper glue. Somehow we thought the walls would look better WITHOUT the dingy wallpaper, but as it turns out, the walls beneath were even dingier:

After sweating profusely for hours on end, there’s nothing like standing in front of our newly purchased high velocity fan for a few minutes. I took this picture because it is the closest Greg will ever get to being fat:

The upside to having a million cracks to deal with is that I have become a master caulker. I must confess that those Second Amendment freaks have a point: there *is* something about holding a gun that makes you feel incredibly powerful. Now if we could just replace bullets with caulk, everyone would be happy and there would be an end to cracks and leaks everywhere!

I love this photo because it showcases three of my favorite things about the house: the illuminated newel post(!), the gigantic chandelier, and the front and foyer doors:


3 thoughts on “Don’t caulk with me.

  1. brenda says:

    i love, love, love the lighted newel post thingy. awesomeness. and from experience, i vote YES, the floors will change the entire feel of the house. it’ll make you wanna dance — DANCE!

    so are you still living at the apartment while you reno?

  2. Kate says:

    Ahhh…thanks to your comment I just updated the post to the correct spelling of “newel” ;)

    Yep, we’re still in the apartment until probably next week or so. We thought we’d be all moved in a few weeks ago, but the house has proven to be a little more labor intensive than anticipated.

  3. joey says:

    this picture totally reminds me of christmas. and i know how you LOVE christmas!

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