Movin’ on down to the East Side (of Broad)

Yesterday was moving day. Well, technically we’ve been slowly moving for the past few weeks, but yesterday was the big official “renting the U-Haul” day. Greg’s dad and brother Dave came to help out, and they certainly saved me a lot of grief, as I tend to get very cranky when lifting heavy objects. But I made up for my wimpy girlishness by driving the U-Haul, and I must say, I drove the hell out of that truck. By the end of the day I got so good that I actually drove it back by myself and parallel parked it at the rental place. But then again, I knew I was the queen of parallel parking, so it wasn’t all that surprising.

At this point, we are about 95% finished moving, but we still have the dreaded kitchen and utility closet to deal with. All I want to do is go to the new house and set things up, but instead we have to spend this week at the apartment scrubbing and spackling and shampooing the carpets.

Here are the two things that I hate most about moving:
1. When you exhaust yourself packing up the truck, only to realize that you’re only halfway done, as the truck now needs to be un-packed
2. All of the random loose crap lying on the floor when you go back into the apartment. You wonder, how is this possible? I just filled a huge truck twice, and there is STILL a sea of useless objects all over. It’s as if the room itself is spontaneously creating these things.

So last night was our first night at the house. We brought Franny over, who seemed simultaneously fascinated and frightened by all of the space. She did a lot of exploring but kept coming back to check on us, presumably to make sure we weren’t leaving her. Of course the basement is the one place we’re trying to keep her out of, and within about a half hour, she was at the basement door sniffing around, like, “Oooohhh…..what’s this room? Why is this door closed? C’monnnnn…I wanna go down there!!” In general, we think she’s doing ok – she’s been relaxed enough to able to do her normal lounging, so that must be a good sign.

After a long and exhausting day of sweating, we took much needed showers and discovered that the house has the most amazing water pressure you could ask for. One of Greg’s big things when we were house hunting was water pressure, which I wouldn’t let him test when we were looking at houses because I thought it was a little weird to turn people’s showers on. But apparently we got very lucky. It’s almost a joke, really. If you want to get a sense of what it feels like, I recommend watching this video.

While Greg took his turn under the power washer, I climbed into bed all fresh and clean and laid there with Franny, smiling to myself and thinking, “I love our house.”


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