dancing with myself

Our newest house purchase is a brand new stereo, something that we’ve been sorely needing for a few years now. After my old mini-system crapped out (tip: stay away from Philips) the only way we could listen to music was through a little cd boombox or the tiny computer speakers, which, may I add, is not very environmentally friendly, since the whole computer had to be running. We hooked it up last week and through the magic of the iPod connector I was able to prepare a “new stereo dance party” mix, so I danced the night away, much to our neighbor’s chagrin, I’m sure. Although we have to listen to them argue every other day, so they can deal with a little bit of The Clash every now and again. Greg also figured out how to hook it up to the TV, so he was able to listen to the Eagles lose miserably in surround sound, after which he spat out quite a long string of curses in surround sound.

Anyway, it’s nice to have music again. I can’t wait to get Greg out of the house for the evening so I can really crank it up and embarrass myself in front of Franny.


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