Back in the saddle again

It’s time to admit it, we’re slacking with the house. When I tell people we haven’t done much lately, they all let us off the hook, saying, “Well, you’ve had a lot going on.” This might be true, but that excuse is wearing a bit thin these days. We’ve decided that we need to start setting goals for ourselves with the house or things will never get done. Greg has been working on scraping the wallpaper in the guest room for at least a month or so now, but it’s a never-ending task because he just does a little here and a little there, with no help from me. We don’t want the house to become our entire reason for living, but we also need to really get down to business, so we’re going to have to start spending at least a few nights a week working together for a solid two or three hours if we’re ever going to start seeing real results. This way at least when we’re taking a night off, we know that we’ve at least put some real time in, so we can relax and enjoy ourselves.

And so….we’re giving it our all to finish the guest room, hopefully by the end of January. We have about half of the room left to scrape, but it’s very tough going, since the wallpaper has been scraped in some parts, and painted over in others. Hopefully we can at least get it all scraped and washed down in the next two weeks, in time for Erik’s potential visit in mid-January. Although to be quite honest, there’s a good chance he could wind up sleeping on the couch, which will at least now accommodate his extreme height.

Here are some recent pics of what we’re up against:

Also, we did get our table and we are in love with it, but I don’t have any great shots of it yet, so I promise I’ll post them in the next few days, along with the story of the chandelier.

One thought on “Back in the saddle again

  1. Erik says:

    Update: The couch was quite comfortable.

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