R.I.P. Christmas 2007

Well, we finally took the tree down, mainly because it was quickly becoming a fire hazard. The photos that follow are a cautionary tale of what happens when you stop watering your tree after about four days…

Also, here are some photos of our new table and bench. It arrived a few days after Christmas and fit through the front door with about a half inch to spare. We put Franny on the table to give a sense of the size, and then immediately warned her never to get up there again. The lamp on the table just arrived today from West Elm and I just thought I’d use it to light the photo a little better.

A few weeks back Chris (grandson of the lovely lady Marion whom we bought the house from) asked about the chandelier from the living room. Some of you may remember the chandelier from previous posts:

It was one of the things that made me fall in love with the house when I first saw it, and I was intent on keeping it. The problem was that it was smack dab in the center of the living room, and hung low enough that Greg would constantly be hitting his head on it, so we planned to move it to the dining room. When the electrician came, he said the wiring in it was so old that it had all but disintegrated as soon as they took it down. It pretty much resembled old leather shoelaces. He said the only way it could be used again was if it were completely rewired. So in the mean time, it’s sitting in the basement, waiting for us to make a decision about what to do. Do we invest time and money into it, or do we go with something more modern? Much like hundreds of other decisions that still need to be made, this has been put on hold for now, and there’s nothing in the dining room but a gaping hole in the ceiling, waiting to be plugged up with whatever light fixture we eventually decide on.

Up next, I share some major kitchen anxiety and ask for some advice from anyone who might actually read this thing.

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