Now you see it…

Now you don’t!

It all happened in a whirlwind yesterday. When I left for work, there was an enormous 15-foot metal awning on the front of the house, and when I came home, there wasn’t. When the first contractor came to look at the kitchen a couple of weeks ago, I asked him how involved and expensive it would be to remove the awning. He emailed me an estimate and I wrote back to give him the OK, but then never heard back from him. Then I got an email from him yesterday apologizing for the lack of response, but apparently last week’s bad weather brought a lot of emergency calls. He said if we were still on, he’d send a crew over to deal with it that afternoon. At 4pm, Greg (who’s company is patriotic enough to give him the day off on a national holiday, as opposed to mine which prefers to ignore them) called to say they still hadn’t come. By 5, he called to say they had come and taken the whole thing down. Just like that. In fifteen minutes, they were able to make the house look completely different.

I feel very refreshed now. The awning has been something that we’ve been meaning to deal with from the day we moved in. It makes the house look more decrepit than it is, and it keeps the living room in a depressing darkness on the sunniest of days. Who knew it would be such a quick change? I suddenly feel so energized to keep going with things, it suddenly feels like we’re making some real headway. Now we just need some new house numbers and a new screen door and we’re all set with curb appeal!


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