step 1

We had our first kitchen design consultation tonight! Everything went great, I think knowing what we want has put us a bit ahead of the game, because I was able to talk them through what we like and don’t like pretty thoroughly. Considering all I read are home design blogs, I have a pretty refined sense of what I like and don’t like, and Greg is just going to have to deal with it. I kid, I kid. Greg claims that he honestly does agree with all the things I said, so we’re definitely on the same page with most of the stuff. My confidence in our choice of contractor was also strengthened by the sense that they seemed to know exactly what style we are trying to go for. At first they just let me talk through my ideas without offering too much feedback, presumably because they were just trying to get a sense of our style without influencing us, but on a few occasions I would mention something that I was specifically *not* going for and they would respond with relief and say, “Yes, exactly, I know exactly what you’re talking about.” It was also great to have the same style vocabulary, because I could say something like, “vintage modern” and they seemed to understand completely. I must say, I was sort of surprised and impressed with myself that I was able to sit there under pressure and actually articulate exactly what I wanted, using somewhat intelligent language. But again, that’s just from reading blog after blog after blog about this stuff, I’ve just never really had a chance to use that knowledge before. In any event, I think had we gone with one of the other contractors, we would’ve wound up going ten rounds trying to explain why 12×12 terra cotta-colored floor tiles and marble countertops wouldn’t really go with our aesthetic. So now they draw up the plans to scale on the computer, and in a few weeks we’ll have an elevation drawing to post!

In the mean time, I’ll share some of the inspiration photos that I showed them. Clearly some of these are incredibly high-end kitchens, but I was trying to just give them a sense of the overall look we wanted to go for.


One thought on “step 1

  1. A schizophrenic kitchen?

    just kidding. :-D

    (get it, multiple personalities talking to each other.)

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