Coming back to life

This week is it, back to work on the house. We’ve been in a holding pattern waiting for the rewiring, which will be done by tomorrow. After that, a good portion of the plaster destruction will be over with, and we can patch it up and get going with the other rooms. In the mean time, I’ve been reading this great book, Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure. It’s a step-by-step program to help you heal your home from top to bottom, focusing on the more psychological side of home keeping. It’s incredibly inspiring, and reading it has made it difficult to sit still and wait these last few days. Admittedly, I’m not reading it cover-to-cover, I’ve more just been flipping through the chapters, reading a bit here and there, since I’m not ready to actually start the full program just yet. But already I’ve gotten so much out of it.

The book focuses a lot on the fact that when your home is incomplete, or there are things about it that are nagging you, it puts off your life balance. He also talks a lot about our obsession with objects, and how guilty we feel about getting rid of things, but that in the end all of these possessions are just weighing us down mentally and cluttering our minds.

I know that for me personally, having the house in such shambles has taken its toll on me. I feel like I’m in this constant holding pattern where I can’t continue with my life because I’m waiting around for the house to get done. I know it sounds so silly, because for the most part, it’s no one’s fault but our own that it’s not done, but it’s a very overwhelming project and I never quite know what our next step should be, so instead we just sit on the couch and watch movies.

Now granted, I know that a house is pretty much always a work in progress, and there will always be things that we’ll want to change. But when I say “shambles” I do mean it. There’s still nowhere to put anything, most of the rooms have no storage or have giant piles of boxes sitting in them, and only two of the rooms are actually painted. People always ask, “So are you enjoying your house?” and it’s a very tough question to answer, because I still don’t even feel like we really even *live* here yet.

This book is making me really want to break out of my funk and get down and dirty with this place. Once the electricians are finished, my plan is to spend the rest of the week doing nothing but putting things into an “outbox” that we can put out on the sidewalk this weekend. Because there is no reason that two people should have as much crap as we do, and most of the stuff has been in boxes for the past eight months at this point, so clearly we don’t need it.


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