Productivity at last!

Maybe I’m just incredibly out of shape, but painting is backbreaking labor. After two days of it, I am completely wiped and in desperate need of a massage. Still, it feels good to sit here on Sunday night feeling like we had a very productive, if not fun, weekend.

I’m one coat of paint away from being done with my studio. Well, the painting of it, anyway. Since we moved in, we have yet to have painted a ceiling, but after the wiring and patching, I had no choice for the studio. The ceiling took three miserable coats to complete, and there was a moment where I was going to stop at two. After wrestling with my conscience, I decided I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I didn’t go all the way. I rationalized that I could always go back and do it later, but clearly I will never do this, especially since now the room is empty, so why would I ever do it once there’s furniture in the room? See, my biggest weakness is the fact that I half-ass everything. I cut major corners with so many things that shouldn’t have corners cut. But I had a conversation with myself and I decided that although I am anxious to get it finished, there is absolutely no real reason to rush through this, and in the end I need to break out of my pattern of laziness and go the extra mile if I’m ever going to be proud of anything. So I bit the bullet and did another coat, and I must say it made all the difference. Unfortunately the walls are taking three coats as well, so I’ll do the last one tomorrow night. I am, however, drawing the line at painting the trim, because it looks halfway decent as is, and there’s no need to pile on any more layers to trim that’s already losing its detail from all the paint glopped on there over the years.

Meanwhile, Greg has been working on the patio. He spent most of yesterday scrubbing mildew and moss, and today he painted the cinder block wall just in time for a torrential downpour.

Unfortunately Porter had an accident in the house tonight. Every time we start to get confident he has to go and shoot us down. We just need to keep reminding ourselves that he’s just a puppy and even with the occasional accident, he’s still incredibly well behaved for a little guy.

Okay, I think I had some other stuff to say but my thoughts are quickly losing their coherence, probably due to a combination of exhaustion and the amount of VOCs I’ve inhaled this weekend, so I’d best sign off. Hopefully we’ll have various before & after pics coming up this week!


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