Nobody doesn’t love Ikea (except Greg)

Hopefully by the end of the week my studio will be ready for furniture, so I’ve been perusing the Ikea website for furniture ideas. I had wanted to get a cheap china cabinet off Craigslist and paint it white, but I don’t think carrying a big heavy piece of furniture up two flights of stairs is the way to your husband’s heart. So I’m going to go for more lighter weight solutions, like things that can be carried up in flat boxes (even if they can’t ever be carried down again).

We have a couple of hollow-core doors leftover from our bedroom closet, so I was thinking of using one of them and propping it on two of these dressers:

On the other hand, I also love this dressing table with the huge drawer, and have been trying to rationalize a use for it in the house somewhere:

I’m also going to need a good chair:

I want to have a little reading nook too, and I LOVE this chair, which I think might be a little too modern/futuristic to put in the living room, so it would work pretty well in the craft room. I’m going to have to sit in it first, but it looks pretty comfy. The price is a little high for Ikea, so we’ll see if I can bring myself to splurge.

If not, I might stick with this one:

Of course, my dream chair is the Astrid chair from Anthropologie, or pretty much any arm chair from Anthropologie. But if $299 for the Ikea chair is a little steep, then $1300 for the Anthro chair is just plain crazy. However, I did hear a rumor about an upcoming sample sale with lots of them for auction, so maybe my dream isn’t so far out of reach…


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