the great outdoors

So we’ve done some good work on the patio, although it needs a bit more sprucing up, but you get the idea. Greg did some planting, and we hung a white trellis as a bit of a divider between us and the ugly yard next door, although as you can see the trellis doesn’t quite fit, so we need to fill it in a little with some plants along the wall – we’re still figuring out the best way to do that. So now we have the patio set, all we need is some non-busy friends to have a barbecue with.

And I’m super excited to finally have a real herb garden! Porter is excited too.

I took these tables from my parents house when they moved, and had the brilliant idea that painting them a bright color would add a nice pop to the patio…

Unfortunately, the color I chose was horrible, as you can see, and it looks a little too Mickey D’s next to the red furniture…

I’ve also been working on some storage for the craft studio, although it’s definitely not ready for prime time. I bought the two wooden chests from Ikea (the same ones I mentioned a few posts ago) and laid a leftover hollow core door over them, and have been working on painting everything. The shelves are hung very haphazardly, hence they’re only holding fabric and empty cans at the moment.


One thought on “the great outdoors

  1. Al Jowlson says:

    1. Hobby Lobby! So inspiring!

    2. White (Yellow) patio tables!! I love them SO MUCH! I’m torn between a d’oh! (they’re not someplace where I can buy them right now) and a bit o’ glee (so happy you own them, which means they have a good home!) – that said, things are lookin’ great over there at the Palace!

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