leave the gun, take the Mister Softee

Despite the schmillion degree heat (resulting in yucky heat rashes for me and constant panting from the puppy love) we had a pretty productive day. My mom was in town to visit my sister’s class, so we went to dinner with her and my sister & brother-in-law last night. I miss her so much lately – I never see her because she and my dad are sort of in flux with their living situation at the moment, so it was great to see her even for just a bit. Of course, she had to stay with my sister since we’re still pretty far away from having an actual functioning guest room. They came by this morning and saw the place – she hadn’t seen it since before we moved in, so at least there’s *someone* who thinks we’ve made some progress.

We also managed to do a bit of organizing and purging today. We had a pretty successful “free” box going on the sidewalk, which is always a feel-good way to get rid of crap. I have a feeling there’s going to be lots more where that came from in the coming weeks.

The craft studio is beginning to resemble something that I can actually do some crafting in:

I finally put one of my vintage toolboxes (actually this is a fishing case) to good use for my sewing supplies:

The downside is that after deciding to do a quick few coats of paint in the closet, I opened up a can of worms. Apparently the dreaded painted-over wallpaper strikes again, although at least this time it’s pulling off rather easily. I’m not sure if I want to go through the rigamarole of caulking, priming and painting it, so I might just fight fire with fire and throw some wallpaper up in there, which will simplify things AND add a little surprise splash of color.

Tonight Greg is at a bachelor party, so I’m having a lovely evening of filing old papers, puppy time, beer and The Godfather. Alas, the one missing piece of my evening is the complete lack of Mister Softee in the neighborhood today. I don’t understand it, because normally his siren song taunts me all day and night, and conditions were clearly perfect today for a delicious chocolate dipped cone. Mister Softee, how could you stand me up like this?


2 thoughts on “leave the gun, take the Mister Softee

  1. joey says:

    love your craft room!!! wish i had one even 10% as nice as yours…maybe someday.

  2. Dawn says:

    The place is coming along beautifully, Kate; really just lovely. Congrats on all that hard work paying off for you both. :-)

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