Again with the no progress

While going through the website stats tonight, I noticed some strange links that people were going to from our blog. I didn’t recognize any of the link names, so I clicked on a few of them. To my surprise, they brought me to some rather….ahem….questionable material. Apparently WordPress (the service that I use to manage the blog) has this thing that I never noticed called “Possibly related posts” that shows up when you click on individual blog posts. How these links are generated I have no idea, but I just wanted to clarify that these are in no way affiliated with or written by me. Most of you probably get that already, but I know some of the readers are sort of new to the internet and might be confused by that. I just don’t want them navigating to some porn site and thinking I’m the one writing it ;) Now I need to see about possibly getting rid of that.

Other than that, not much going on here aside from some close encounters of the rodent kind. I would regale you all with tales of epic battles fought with sticks, vacuum tubes and glue traps, but I’ll spare you the details since I’d like for you all to actually visit us at some point.

Oh, actually, what am I talking about? There IS some sort of exciting news. We had a silent auction at work and I wound up getting a bunch of super fancy Anthropologie furniture. I didn’t anticipate winning so many of the things I bid on, but the way the auction was set up wasn’t conducive to a lot of planning. They just sent an email with pictures of a bunch of different items, some of which were duplicates of one another in varying conditions, and you only get one bid for each item, so it’s anyone’s guess what you’ll wind up getting. I wound up bidding on a bunch of different things, figuring I’d be lucky if I won anything at all. Instead I wound up with two armchairs and a couch! A little more than I bargained for, but I got them all for such a ridiculously small percentage of the retail price that I can’t pass it up. Here are some pics of the things I got, although there weren’t any readily available pictures on the internet of the exact color/patterns I got so you’ll just have to read the explanations.

1. The Amelie sofa (the one I got has a white frame, not black):

2. The Astrid Chair (the one I got is brown with a modern white tulip print):

3. The Antwerp Chair (the one I got is in the orange floral print from the pic above):


2 thoughts on “Again with the no progress

  1. HEATHER says:

    We should form an alliance tomorrow during pick up. We’ll will help with your Amelie if you’ll help with our Cotswold. Deal?

  2. joey says:

    oh how i miss the sample sales…

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