take a seat….we certainly have plenty

We got our fancy schmancy furniture, and I’m loving it. I think we’re going to keep the Astrid chair in the living room (the brown one with white flowers) since it’s the more comfortable of the two and eventually put the Antwerp chair (the orange print) up in the bedroom to be completely obscured by the clothes that I throw on top of it. The Amelie couch is in the bedroom now but will eventually go in the guest room whenever we get our act together and finish that. I figured instead of putting an arm chair in the craft studio, I’ll just use the guest room for my reading nook, being as we’ll probably never have any guests to use it. Franny has officially put her stamp of approval on the couch.

Friday night Greg’s parents and brothers came over and we all had a splendid time. We hung out at the house for a while where everyone ventured out onto the roof to check out the view. Me and my short dress stayed inside since I figured a view of the city was enough without an additional view of me climbing out the window in my dress. Matt & Dave ventured onto the third floor roof, which Greg and I haven’t had the guts to do yet (we stick to the back second floor one), being as there’s no good place to put a ladder. Their foolhardiness at least gave us the benefit of seeing the pictures they took from up there, which were pretty great. Did I just really use the word “foolhardy”? Anyway, it’s almost a shame not to put a roof deck up there, although it would also be a shame to spend $15,000 that we probably won’t get back out of the house. We wound up going to La Lupe for dinner and afterwards stopped at the Rim Cafe for probably one of the greatest South Philly experiences I’ve had since I’ve lived here. I never knew how something could possibly win “Best Hot Chocolate in Philly” until that night. Incredible.

I also wound up getting a work chair for my craft studio. At Heather’s suggestion, I went with the Snille from Ikea, which is actually incredibly comfortable AND only $15. I already have a bunch of chairs for the dining room that I’m planning to reupholster, but if that doesn’t work out I’m seriously considering these for the dining table.

2 thoughts on “take a seat….we certainly have plenty

  1. HEATHER says:

    it cradles the heinie, doesn’t it?

  2. susanne says:

    I am covetting the crap out of that Antwerp chair.

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