from the man of this old house

(I’m posting this on behalf of Greg)

So after my lovely wife’s suggestion that I do some blogging and write my first blog post as the other owner of this house, I thought I might as well blog the hell out of this blogged blog (via blog) with a discussion of the greatness of a particular publicly televised show concerning those old homes:

One of the unexpected results of buying a home in the past year has been how much my fondness for watching “This Old House” on television has proliferated and propagated. While the advice they give is decent and sometimes helpful, I think Kate and I watch it much more for the personalities of each of the hosts rather than for the practical, visual guide to old homeownership they hope to provide.

Much like Voltron, the cartoon robot hero of 1980’s youth, each of the hosts easily combine to form a show greater than the sum of its parts.

From Roger’s insistance on making the homeowner grab a shovel when he shows up at their house for some landscaping to the plumbing guy’s constant use of that stuff to clean the pipes before soldering, it’s not really the subject matter that makes the show worth watching, it’s them.

If we were more avid alcohol ingesters than we actually are, we could easily create a drinking game based around the show. If you had to take a drink every time that Tom uses a shim, you’d be absolutely destroyed by the end of the half hour. If an episode of its sister program, “Ask This Old House”, follows immediately thereafter (as it normally does here), plan on many more shimmings with shims and then having to take a day off from work. I bet Tom has a method to cure a hangover through the use of shims though, it’s probably in an episode I missed.


One thought on “from the man of this old house

  1. J says:

    Not to mention the Fats Waller theme music!

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