excuses excuses

It has been so hot, even the squirrels in our neighborhood don’t want to do anything…

We’re headed down to the beach on Saturday, so I’ll be posting even less than I have been. But we do have some good news, which is our kitchen will (hopefully) officially be underway August 18th! After that it will be five weeks of takeout and all things microwavable. We’ve been tying up the loose ends and doing things like finalizing tile and picking out cabinet hardware, door handles, and faucets. I was particularly excited tonight because I was finally able to get a photo of this great tile I saw in someone’s vestibule. We were walking through the neighborhood a few months back and peeked into a house that had this great tile accent that I fell in love with. Of course, after that they always had the blinds pulled, so I wasn’t able to sneak a snapshot. I finally worked up the nerve tonight to ring the bell, and they were actually super nice and let me take a photo and told me where they got the tile. So we’re hoping to do something like this for the backsplash:

So we’ll see you in a week. We’ve promised ourselves that when we get back, we’re going to throw ourselves back into the house again. Although it feels like we’ve made that promise many times before. Anyway, in the absence of new posts, please enjoy way too many videos of Porter keeping cool.

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