Why can’t we be friends?

Normally I wouldn’t post something like this because I run the risk of my mom never coming to visit again, not to mention I’m revealing how disgusting our tub is at the moment, but I simply couldn’t resist this. Greg came home tonight to this horrifying sight of Franny in the bathtub, sleeping with the enemy, so to speak…

I swear they’re actually having a lovely chat about something in that last photo.


4 thoughts on “Why can’t we be friends?

  1. JZ says:

    ha! that shit is insane! it looks like a live play of a childrens book or something. ‘country cat & city mouse take a bath’

  2. HEATHER says:

    “so i was at the pub last night and I says to this guy….”

  3. leann gorman says:

    aw, they’re friends!

  4. joey says:

    that is both disgusting & cute at the same time…is that possible??

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