Day 12, moving right along

I haven’t posted much because there hasn’t been too much photogenic progress in the kitchen…until Friday…

On Thursday they took out the window along with the wall unit air conditioner above it…

And put up some sorely-needed insulation. The kitchen was practically a wind-tunnel all winter because apparently brick isn’t terribly good at keeping out the cold. With the combination of insulation and radiant floor heating we’re hoping it will keep the first floor toasty.

Then on Friday, I came home at lunch time to find our HUGE new window installed in all it’s glory! It’s almost ridiculously large, but I’m glad it will make up for the fact that we bricked up the other window to make room for cabinets. Unfortunately I didn’t get a great photo of it, so I had to lighten this one up a bit, which is why it looks weird and grainy.

I spent a bit of time standing in the kitchen today and fantasizing about the finished product. I can’t believe it’s (hopefully) going to be done in three short weeks! The past two have already flown by, so presuming they don’t hit any major snafus, we can do the next three weeks standing on our heads. Here’s the view looking towards the front from the kitchen – if you look closely, you’ll see someone peeking through the plastic…

The view through the new window. I would be looking out on this as I wash dishes at the sink, if we weren’t also getting a DISHWASHER!!! Boo yah. I’ve come to absolutely dread washing dishes in the past year, so a dishwasher is going to feel like such an incredible indulgence. Now we just need to get the Philly Mural Arts Project to paint a personal mural on that wall.

And here is our pretty new back door awaiting installation…

While the Galley Rally is going on, we’ve been working to get the guest room finished. It’s pretty arduous work, since the walls are in terrible condition and consist of a lot of painted-over wallpaper and crumbling plaster. I spent some evenings this week plastering my ass off trying to get them to a point where we can paint. The sanding was an especially messy job, but I think by tomorrow we should be ready to start priming. I think it’s official: every single thing in our house has an inch of various different types of dust on it.

Our seemingly attainable goal is to get the guest room and bedroom painted by the time the kitchen is finished so that once the crew packs up and leaves, we can paint the dining room, which is already primed and ready to go, we just need to make the big decision about color. It feels good to finally move things along!


2 thoughts on “Day 12, moving right along

  1. zito says:

    “Now we just need to get the Philly Mural Arts Project to paint a personal mural on that wall.”

    my friend Eric is a mural artist in Philly. if you want to make it happen, let me know.

  2. susanne says:

    the mural is a great idea… let’s see, you’ve got all those italians in your neighborhood already, of course frank sinatra, frankie valley and those other princes of passyunk by the cheesesteaks. Let’s think in the other direction, i’ve seen wilt chamberlain, roberto clemente, patti labelle is out by the zoo. If you just do the small cinderblock wall maybe gary coleman or webster. If you do the big wall of the neighbor’s house you could do tyler perry or malcolm jamal warner.

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