arrrgg, she’s the yarest house there be!

You know you’ve married the right man when you say, “Honey, I think we should buy a four-foot tall 100-pound carved wooden sea captain, load it into the car in the pouring rain, drive it six hours home, and put it in the living room,” and he responds, “Yes, we should definitely do that.” Meet the captain, the newest and strangest addition to the Passyunk Palace. I found him at an antique shop in Salem Massachusetts this past weekend while wandering around town, and made Greg come back the next day to look at him. There was a moment when we were struggling to load it in the car when I said, “This might be the stupidest thing we’ve ever bought.” But Greg quickly denounced my doubt, declaring that it might be the greatest thing we’ve ever bought. By the way, I should have stood next to him in the picture to give you a better idea of his size, but I assure you, he’s almost ridiculously large.

Not much progress to report on the kitchen, apparently the floors won’t be done until next week which I’m a little bummed about. We took the opportunity to do some dusting this evening, because living in this house is giving me the feet of a street urchin.

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One thought on “arrrgg, she’s the yarest house there be!

  1. HEATHER says:

    OUTRAGEOUS! You could charge $5 to have your photo taken with the captain.

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