so this *IS* going to be a kitchen after all

Just a quick shout out to my HUSBAND OF ONE YEAR! We had big plans for the evening to go out for Indian food and eat one-year-old stale cake, but instead we got sandwiches, watched the Eagles game and painted the ceiling in the guest room. Who said the honeymoon is over?

The presence of upper cabinets has made me remember that there’s actually a kitchen being built in there, and that it’s not just construction for the sake of tearing the house apart.

Tomorrow they start the floor, and in a few days when everything’s all dry and ready, the base cabinets will go in. Now we better get our asses in gear and finish our other projects before I turn into Julia Child. Or more likely Rachel Ray, although I think Greg would divorce me if I started using the word “delish”.

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2 thoughts on “so this *IS* going to be a kitchen after all

  1. HEATHER says:

    oooh! HOORAY!
    Also, please avoid using the terms EVOO and Stoup.

  2. susanne says:

    those cabinets look YUMMO!

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