underfoot and overhead

The floors are coming along, albeit a little later than expected. I should have been posting pics all along, but here’s the progression so far:

1. Radiant heat mats

2. Thinset overlay

3. Tile

I wasn’t really sure about how the tile would look in the actual kitchen, but I think it’s going to look pretty neat, especially once they grout it.

We’ve also been struggling with the guest room. We’ve done two coats of ceiling paint, but somehow this mysterious phantom grime keeps popping up, and we can’t figure out if we’re just not doing a good enough job coating the surface, or if we should have done another coat of primer first, or if it really is ghost grime. Sort of akin to the walls bleeding.

We picked the color for the walls, which is a bit bright, but we’re going to give it a shot. One of the walls will be covered with a mural anyway, so most of the room actually won’t be yellow. And if we hate it, we’ll paint over it, right? That always seems like such a great solution until I remember how much I actually hate painting.

I also started spray painting the baseboard heaters, which is pretty easy except for the fact that I now have white boogies. Pretty scary. Note the “before” color on the right hand side.

One thought on “underfoot and overhead

  1. E-man says:

    Use the Shellac based Kills on the ceiling and then another coat of ceiling paint. It stops most spirit based apparitions. The Tobin’s spirit guide has some other neat DIY projects including how to get ectoplasm off of index cards with out damaging the dewey decimal system.

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