now we better get some freaking guests

I think it’s put some gray hairs on my head, but the very yellow guest room is *almost* finished. We installed the shoe moulding along the wall this weekend, which was quite a comedy of errors involving a hand saw and a miter box. You would think that making a 45 degree cut going the proper direction would be simple, but I can’t even tell you how many mistakes we made. You think long and hard about which direction the cut should go in (open or closed), make your decision, cut, and hold it up to the wall only to realize you went the wrong way. We are two relatively intelligent college graduates, but somehow even after declaring several times that *THIS* time, it was going to be right, we still made a ridiculous amount of mistakes. In the end we got it done and it looks relatively decent. Well, decent enough to be the least of our worries with that room. P.S. Ignore the streaky trim, I still have “paint trim” on my to-do list.

Tonight I cleared Mt. Clothesmore off the fancy Anthropologie couch in the bedroom, and after much finagling, damaging of doors and scraping of walls, we were able to move it down the hall into the room. I should also mention that the yellow isn’t quite so hideous in real life as it looks in these pictures. We actually sort of like it. Enough to just leave it and deal with it later, anyway.

We’re also installing a ridiculously large map, but I of course ran out of staples halfway through, so that project is on hold for the moment.

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One thought on “now we better get some freaking guests

  1. Neon Relish says:

    Did you guys decide not to leave Pittsburgh? Did Porter take over the renovations? Is the kitchen still purple? (For the record, I still really like that shade of purple.)

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