99% there.

Sorry for the long absence, but the good news is that we’ve been too busy actually working on the house to blog about working on the house. Well, also we were away for a week somewhere in there, so to be perfectly honest we haven’t been *that* busy with the house.

The kitchen is 99% done. All that’s left is grouting the tile, cabinet knobs (which for some reason have taken over a month to arrive) and painting the trim. *In theory*, they should be done Tuesday. We had a bit of a backsplash debacle which may or may not have been our fault, but we’re going to have to live with it for the time being. We requested “white” backsplash tiles, not remembering that much like every color name, “white” is a relative term. In our heads, we wanted “white that would match the cabinets”, but unfortunately that thought never made it out of our heads and into our contractor’s ears. It’s true that they sent us a sample that we ok’d, but that was before we had cabinets to compare it to. As a result, the tile we got was “ivory”, which means it most definitely doesn’t match the cabinets. So while this was partially a miss on our end, it was also something maybe the contractor should have mentioned before holding it up to the cabinets and deciding it was ok to install. After initial anger and anguish, we’ve decided to try to put it behind us, but it definitely takes our excitement levels down a bit. If we hate it in a few months, we’ll deal with it then, but for right now I just want my house and my sanity back.

Our next big expensive project for this year (and hopefully our last for quite a while, barring any major catastrophes) is new windows. We’re hoping to make a decision today, because as the temperatures dip I’m beginning to think that another winter with these circa-1950 single-pane windows is not really feasible. Luckily other than the sting of another sizable check to write, this is the sort of job that will only take one or two days of someone else’s labor. And if I’ve learned anything from this whole experience, it’s that the best kind of labor is other people’s labor.

I’m having a birthday party in two weeks, which has definitely helped light a fire under our asses to get stuff done once and for all. We’ve stripped all the wallpaper from the 2nd floor hallway, including the enormous wall leading upstairs from the living room. By tomorrow I’m hoping we can have it totally prepped, painted and ready to go. Next week I want to get the kitchen set up, so I can do some Halloween baking and get all that homeless kitchen stuff out of the dining room. By next weekend we’ll have the dining room painted so we can get everything set for the big party the next weekend, at which point the downstairs will be basically done. Wow.

Every once in a while it occurs to me that all this progress we will have made by the party means that I can actually sit back, relax and enjoy the holidays for reals this year. Like, I have this beautiful new kitchen to do all sorts of baking, and then I can cozy up in the living room with some cocoa and Charlie Brown, and have people over for festive dinners in our lovely dining room, all the while not feeling guilty about all the work I should be doing on the house. I can barely contain myself at the thought.

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2 thoughts on “99% there.

  1. HEATHER says:

    your kitchen permeated my subconscious and made a cameo in my dream a few night ago. i dreamt that I was in your kitchen admiring your cabinets and all of the kitchen items you put away in them.

  2. leann gorman says:

    how do you find the energy to do all of this??? i come home every day with the intention of doing a million products but then the minute i step through the door i get so overwhelmed i usually just lay on the couch and watch scrubs….

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