back in business

Oh Passyunk Palace, how ashamed I am. Just when we were getting going, I disappear into thin air. I promise this is the beginning of getting back into the swing of posting. I’m embarrassed at how long I’ve actually had the rest of this post written, just waiting to be finished and published. But let’s not dwell on the past, let’s just look forward to the holidays, shall we?

First off, the kitchen is, minus painting some trim and the door, DONE. Pictures to follow.

After weeks of painting, caulking, spackling, cleaning, and various other things, we’re finally taking a breather over here. I can easily say that having a party was the best way to force ourselves to get things done. And the absolute best part was on Sunday afterwards when we could lounge on the couch in our pajamas the entire day recovering from our hangovers without a trace of guilt. Last night while I was in the kitchen making dinner, I looked out and saw Greg sitting at the dining table, and said, “Oh, we’re not quite ready yet, another twenty minutes.” He said, “It’s okay, I’m just enjoying the ambience.” A month ago it seemed unthinkable that we would spend time actually just sitting there admiring the house, but somehow it’s happened. Mind you, there’s still tons of stuff to do, but the downstairs is back in one piece and looking a million times better, short of some touch ups that still need to be done.

So to catch up with some photo documentation, here’s why I haven’t been posting:

We painted the enormous wall going up the stairs…

…painted the dining room…

…hung the chandelier, after spending a year with just a hole in the ceiling…

…put the captain in his new spot…

…and had the party…

Not too shabby. This weekend we’re going on the annual Tree Trip, so by next week I should have some holiday decorating to post about.


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