Let’s defenestrate these windows.

(For anyone wondering about the title of this post, “defenestrate” means “to throw something out a window” and it was one of my favorite vocabulary words from middle school).

It feels like yesterday but it’s already been a few weeks at this point – we finally got new windows! The ones we had were circa 1940’s single pane aluminum windows that rattled in the breeze and welcomed in Old Man Winter. But our days of astronomical heating bills are over! Not to mention the incredible reduction in noise – I feel like we practically live in the suburbs. I am realizing however that it’s difficult to get a photograph of improvements like that. But here’s some before’s & after’s anyway.


(Note the Miami Beach-style louvered jalousie windows, designed for tropical climates, not Philadelphia winters)

(Note the folded up Martha Stewart Living subscription card shoved in the frame so we could sleep during windy nights. Thank goodness every magazine comes with like 20 of them.)

(Note the ancient air conditioner held in place by rotting wooden 2x4s)


(We went with the colonial grid, even though it’s architecturally incorrect)

(Less air conditioner, more light!)

Greg keeps complaining that I don’t blog anymore, so maybe that will be one of my resolutions. Of course, it would be nice if my fellow homeowner husband would help out with some of the blogging, but that might be too much to ask Santa for.


One thought on “Let’s defenestrate these windows.

  1. Neon Relish says:

    Whole new blog layout/color/muffin situation! Love it. Thought I keyed in the wrong URL at first. Windows: Did you do the whole house? Holy cow! That’s terrific. Noise reduction is key, for certain – and warmth a nice bonus.

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