New Years Resolution #1: Start posting again!

My friend Heather told me the other day that if she could poke my blog, she would. That’s just a little Facebook humor. In any event, we’ve been slacking off around the house this holiday season, but I’m hoping the new year will bring new projects and a reinvestment in getting settled with the house.

In the absence of any real progress to report, I’ll just post some of the photos I’ve been taking over the holidays…

Luckily our holiday decorating came in handy when Greg’s family came for dinner on Christmas Eve. Plus I finally got to use the holiday dishes I bought from Ikea a few years ago. Another five or so years and they will have paid for themselves.

We went to Connecticut to my brother’s for Christmas day, and after gorging ourselves on a delicious meal, we worked off a few calories sledding in the backyard (or as my family refers to it, ‘sleigh riding’). I hadn’t been sledding in years – at least seven, since Greg and I had never been sledding together. I completely forgot how much fun it is, and if it ever snows in Philadelphia this year, we’re going to have to find some good hills. Porter also had his first real romp in the snow and was pretty much in ecstasy the whole time. He was having so much fun that he apparently didn’t notice his paws getting all cut up from the icy top layer coating the snow. All in the name of fun, though.


One thought on “New Years Resolution #1: Start posting again!

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