his and hers

Greg was unfortunately sick on New Years Eve, so the festivities were cut short and we wound up just watching the ball drop. In the hopes of avoiding his germs, I’ve been sleeping in the guest room, which is actually really nice. It’s very cozy in there, not nearly as messy as my actual bedroom. We hung our huge world map mural (albeit a little sloppily), set up the futon and bought a rug, so it’s very snuggly. It’s still a work in progress, but I’ve now reassured myself that it’s perfectly fine for guests. I told Greg it feels like we’re royalty, or I’m the first lady or something, having separate bedrooms. I think I need to make use of that room more often.




A decision still needs to be made about this bookshelf. They worked great in our old apartment, and I do love them, but they’re a little too big for any of the rooms in our house, I feel like they will easily overwhelm any of the rooms. They do hold a lot of crap though, as you can see…


I also thought I would mention what a sweet husband I have. In order to ensure I don’t get sick, he took it upon himself to remove our normal bathroom cup and replace it with two labeled plastic cups. He even took his toothbrush out of the holder to avoid any co-mingling of germs.


I can’t decide what our first project of the new year should be, although we’d better get a move on because we still have miles and miles to go. The problem is that the house is in a livable state right now, which has been nice over the holidays, but is not very conducive to making ourselves do anything. Still, I walk around and all I do is notice litle irritations, like homeless junk all over, peeling paint, piles of clothes with nowhere to go. We’re still not really at a point of actual decorating yet, because nothing is really settled enough to decide on knicknacks or artwork, which is the fun part. I think we need to do a few small projects that will boost our home improvement egos and get us excited to do more. Maybe we’ll paint the stairs, or wallpaper the vestibule or something simple like that. Hah, simple. I don’t quite know what I’m thinking saying that, because nothing has been simple in this house. I think that’s why I’m afraid to hang a picture, because I have a feeling that trying to put a screw in the wall will result in fifteen trips to Home Depot.


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