you win some, you lose some

Well, unfortunately the ten storage boxes we bought at Ikea last night didn’t fit in the office closet. I did measure, I swear. I must have just mis-read the label in the store. As a result, there’s been no progress on the office in the past day or so.

However, I did use my free evening to make a nice little tote for a craft swap that I’m participating in. It was good practice AND it gave me an excuse to finally go to Spool, which I now plan to visit frequently.

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2 thoughts on “you win some, you lose some

  1. Neon Relish says:

    Isn’t Spool great?! I took a class there one weekend and really loved it. That said, I love that you just whipped up a tote in a single evening! Just like that! I am neck-deep in muslin, trying to make curtains. This has been going on for weeks – I spend half the time tangled in the yardage like a mummy. A bad scene, for certain.

  2. Kate says:

    Oh dear, I’ve been through the curtain-making thing, and it’s no picnic. Those curtains in our front window took like a week for me to make. Sure, it basically just requires hemming, but it’s just too much fabric to deal with at once, and it’s damn near impossible to make it all nice and straight and geometrical. I seem to recall laying it all out on the living room floor, trying to fold, iron, pin, etc, while Franny walked all over it.

    No, I do not envy you. Not one bit.

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