These little town blues

This weekend, instead of working on the house, we opted instead to go to New York to use our free hotel night that we got as part of our mortgage. We stayed in a very fancy hotel across the river from Manhattan in Jersey City, went to see Mike Birbiglia’s “one man show”, which is a fancy $50-per-ticket way of saying “his normal standup routine that anyone who knows him has seen before,” ate some mexican food, drank enormous margaritas, went record shopping, walked around, Guggenheimed, and ate very delicious pizza. A good time was had by all, including Porter who got to spend the weekend with his grandpa Ken and eat Chick-Fil-A.

I had never been to the Guggenheim before, and I have to say it was….a little disappointing. Yes, it’s definitely a very interesting building, but let’s face it, Frank Lloyd Wright was a bit of a bastard, and didn’t exactly have the museum’s best interest in mind when he designed it. I felt like the building is definitely the thing that you are supposed to experience, and the art installed there seems more like an afterthought. And even more of an afterthought are the restrooms – single room affairs which seem to be scattered haphazardly throughout the building, with a convex wall in front of the toilet where your legs should go. I paid $18 to get in and still had to sit sidesaddle on the toilet. So I wouldn’t say that I regret going, but for any of you who haven’t been, walking into the atrium for free is probably sufficient. The Met is still easily my favorite museum, by far.

I do love New York though. Whenever I go, I regret never having lived there. It’s just so different from Philadelphia. There is always something going on, you can take public transportation pretty much any time of the day or night and not worry, you can see your favorite bands, amazing comedians, old movies, some of the best art in the world, and eat the most delicious food ever. Of course, you also have to live in the tiniest apartment imaginable, which is really what has kept me from living there – the claustrophobia of it, of living in 400 square feet and having to take a long subway ride to see any significant amount of grass and trees. But still, I think I could handle a year or so.

I wasn’t feeling particularly inspired this weekend, photographically speaking. But I took a few…


That place where all those awful people work…

The view from our room. We couldn’t technically see Manhattan from our room, but it was still a nice view…

Greg taking it easy at the hotel…

The sign on the back of the door. Yikes.


2 thoughts on “These little town blues

  1. Neon Relish says:

    I love the present participle-age of Guggenheim. Guggenheiming. I also love the picture you took there! Other thoughts: The picture of Greg is very “For relaxing times, make it Suntory time…” And I still can’t get over the “free gift with purchase” aspect of mortgages. I wonder if any of the brokers offer puppies, or porch swings?

  2. Kate says:

    re: the photo of Greg: Oh my goodness, that is *exactly* what I was thinking. That’s even the title of the photo if you look at it through my Flickr account!

    Great minds do think alike.

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