Our little guy graduated last night!! Admittedly he didn’t do too well on his final exams, but a good time was had by all. The dogs all got mortarboards, the teacher played “Pomp and Circumstance” on a little boombox, we all did a little procession around the store, and then we celebrated with burgers from Checkers on the way home, which Porter seemed to enjoy. We still have some work to do, but overall I think the class has been really good for us and the little man is way less stubborn than he used to be, and seems to generally be more attentive to us.

As for the office, we finished installing the trim around the floor and bought this rug from CB2. I’m hoping to at least finish priming the trim this weekend. Here’s the updated office list:

finish installing quarter round
– prime trim
– paint trim and doors
– touch up paint mistakes
– re-hang door
– wallpaper closet
buy rug
– put other computer in there
– hang artwork
– clean and rearrange bookshelves
– new curtains


3 thoughts on “gradumication

  1. Jessica says:

    Our Winston was so bad in obedience class that we stopped going. I feel horrible admitting it, but it’s true. In the (almost) year that’s passed he’s calmed down a lot, but we still have issues to work on. Porter looks adorable in his mortarboard!

    Also, can I just tell you that you read my mind with the info about the rug? I was preparing a post about my dilemma to rug or not to rug my living room. It’s very narrow and furniture heavy at one end, so I feel like a rug would be overwhelming. We also have a lot going on in terms of different styles and accent colors.

    Gah. Why is this the stuff I think about when the plumbing in my bathroom is shoddy and my bedroom carpet is literally falling apart?

  2. Neon Relish says:

    A conversation:
    Me: “My, what al dente ears you have, Porter!”
    Porter: “All the better for holding up mortarboards with!”

  3. leann says:

    the fact that you could get the cap on him and take a few pictures is proof that you have a good dog. i can only imagine trying to get that on lola!

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