one day at a time (but where the hell is Schneider when you need him?)

This weekend was wonderfully productive. Well, really all I did was prime the trim in the office, but I’m pretty stoked about that. I’m beginning to understand the concept of lowering my expectations of what we can realistically get done in a certain amount of time, and as a result I’m feeling much better about the house. Instead of looking at a project as a whole, I’ve been better about breaking down projects into smaller tasks, and getting each task done in an orderly fashion. For example, painting the trim isn’t just painting the trim. It’s clearing everything away from the walls, scrubbing the trim down, caulking, priming and finally painting. So my goals for last week were something like Thursday: clear out room, Friday: wash down trim, Saturday & Sunday: caulk and prime. So this weekend, instead of being in a panic trying to get everything done, I just spent a few hours each day with the windows open listening to music and priming. It was really quite pleasant.

We also made an important realization, which is that Greg and I work best when we’re working on separate projects, because he doesn’t have me standing around watching him, telling him how he’s doing everything wrong and making him nervous, and we’re generally not trying to climb over each other and throwing elbows in a tiny room. Plus we don’t have to fight over whose music to listen to. So while I spent the weekend huffing Killz primer, his projects have included installing the trim in the hallway and trying to fix the perpetually running toilet. Of course as it turns out the entire toilet needs to be replaced, but we sort of figured that would happen anyway. So that’s on the list for this week, but having two bathrooms has definitely taken the stress out of that project.

So all in all we’re chugging along over here, feeling pretty good and taking things one day at a time. Why didn’t we think of this a year and a half ago?

Updated office list:

finish installing quarter round
prime trim
– paint trim and doors
– touch up paint mistakes
– wallpaper closet
buy rug
– put other computer in there
– hang artwork
– clean and rearrange bookshelves
– new curtains


2 thoughts on “one day at a time (but where the hell is Schneider when you need him?)

  1. Neon Relish says:

    Schneider is probably busy buying a new vest.

    I love your One Day At A Time approach! I’ve recently started employing it, too and I can’t get over what a difference it makes. I guess the twelve-steppers are onto something. (Does this mean we have a home improvement addiction?)

    Another trick I like to use – it works well when organizing a room: Go clockwise. (Or counter-clockwise, if you’re into that sort of thing.) – I’ve been working on my office space and I find that if I go in one direction, I’m inspired to wrangle more order out of the chaos when I look to the left and see recent achievements. It’s just less daunting, somehow.

    (Cue the George Carlin skit about stuff…)

  2. Mom says:

    Now you’ve got it! Small bites. On weekends when you’re working separately, agree to meet for coffee in the kitchen for 10 minutes at –am-keep it to 10-then go back. This way you make something to look forward to and neither feels isolated. Same with lunch. Makes it feel more like a work day with time limits. Love the clockwise method! I’ve used the corner method myself.
    Great going! Love, Mom

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