another day in the office

Well, I am considering the office about 96% done at this point. There are some small straggling tasks, like hanging artwork on the blue wall, but we need to figure out a frame situation for some of our prints first. For now at least, it feels like the most complete room in the house, and lying on the tiny couch yesterday afternoon drinking a beer and listening to the hail storm was quite pleasant.
Also I should note that this marks the first time we’ve intentionally hung something on a new nail instead of just haphazardly sticking something on a pre-existing hook or propping it up against a wall. It feels like such progress!

Wallpapered the closet, although I’m still not entirely satisfied by the boxes we bought to go in the closet, which still don’t quite fit:

Organized the book shelf:

We purchased this tiny couch from Ikea, because it fit nicely in the room, folds out into a bed, and Greg has a fascination with tiny things.

Another thing we still need to do is move our nicer newer Mac computer up into the office, but first I need to try to convince Greg that it’s time to get rid of the Dell. Greg is sentimental about very strange things, like shoeboxes and boogie board shirts from when he was 12, and apparently computers. He’s holding onto this thing despite the fact that it takes twenty minutes to open iTunes, ten minutes to load up a web page, and an hour to shut down. I’m only exaggerating a tiny bit. All of this added to my most hated thing, this undulating sea of snarled wires:

Sometimes I swear I’m willing to deal with the health effects of having countless wireless laser beams shooting through my brain just for the sake of getting rid of all of the cumbersome and unsightly wires in my life.

So here’s the list:

finish installing quarter round
prime trim
paint trim and doors
touch up paint mistakes
wallpaper closet
buy rug
– put other computer in there
– hang artwork [partially done]
clean and rearrange bookshelves
– new curtains


4 thoughts on “another day in the office

  1. susanne says:

    hey blue, looks great!


  2. Neon Relish says:

    I love the wallpapered closet, as well as the phrase “undulating sea of snarled wires” – maybe a cable turtle, or maybe one of those cord… corral things they have at Ikea would help? It depends on the cords. I have an annoying exposed cord in the living room that I’m wrapping in vintage bias tape, tied like a friendship bracelet. Cords are a pain. Also, I can identify with Greg: I *refuse* to get rid of my old iMac. I can’t explain it!

  3. Mom says:

    I LOVE: The small couch, the wallpaper in the closet, the golf sign (so appropriate). It really looks great-and not overly done. Finito is wonderful isn’t it? Boxes-not sure-tend to be catchalls but there is stuff for catchalls always so it’s prob a good solution-need labels else you’ll be dragging boxes in and out. one more line thru’ list-that’s great!
    Love, Mom

  4. Jenny says:

    Not someone else with that IKEA sofa! It’s a very international beastie – we have in here in sunny England and my brother has it in not-so-sunny Norway! In fact I’ve got my arse parked on it right now! Jenny xxxx p.s. love the room :-)

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