lazy bones

House? What house? We have a house? Ohhhhhh right…..that house. The one we’ve been sorely neglecting in favor of things like cooking dinner and going to the dog park and making dresses and wandering around the city and reading books and looking for new cars.

It’s true I haven’t posted in an embarrassingly long time. I need to get over the feeling that I need to have a handful of progress photos in order to post things on here.

With the arrival of pleasanter weather after a long cold winter spent on the couch under blankets, we’ve been trying to be out of the house as much as possible. Our weekends have been brimming with activity, actually, which is of course good for us, but bad for you readers out there.

Last weekend we went to Terrain, which for those of you who aren’t aware, is the fourth brand under the Urban Outfitters umbrella. It’s a home and garden center, with only one location so far, in the south west suburbs of Philadelphia. It’s been open for about a year, but somehow we had never made it down there until this weekend, but man oh man is it inspiring! I really loved it despite the price tag of everything, which even with my nice discount is still pretty steep. But if nothing else it’s a beautiful place to wander around and get inspiration for your garden. In addition to plants, they have all sorts of neat things, like garden furniture, planters, accessories, bath and beauty stuff, and a smattering of other home-related curiosities. I realize I totally sound like an Urban Outfitters commercial right now, but I promise, I’m not just saying this because I work for the company, it was really a beautiful place. Of course as soon as I visit a place like that, all I want to do is have a house in the suburbs with a nice big garden, and I fantasize about having outdoor brunches with all our friends, right out of a Martha Stewart magazine. Until of course I realize that I have a brown thumb and very busy friends and a house in the city with a teensy patio.

So anyway, after that trip we were bitten by the gardening bug. Greg did his yearly planting on Sunday, and was appalled for some reason that I had secretly taken the above photo of him, because now his enjoyment of gardening has been made public. Perhaps his embarrassment stems from his fear that people will think him less manly for it, or maybe he’s just afraid he’ll start talking like Mike McGrath. I strung up some lights outside – a new addition to the patio thanks to the smart decision to have them install an outdoor power outlet when they remodeled the kitchen. We also rigged up some fishing line to help with our pigeon problem, which seems to be working like a charm thus far. So it’s like our own little slice of paradise out there now, and we’ve been taking every opportunity to spend time grilling, reading, or just sitting out with a drink.

This weekend promises to be rainy and much less conducive to outside play, so maybe I’ll be bitten by the productivity bug this time.


5 thoughts on “lazy bones

  1. jessica says:

    There you are!

    Haven’t the past two weekends been awesome? I feel like they were the most productive 48 hour stints I’ve had since October. Probably because they were.

    Love the gardening. We’re still trying to get rid of acidic soil in our front flower bed caused by power washing the brick with an abrasive mix to get the nasty blue paint. In the meantime, we have a hanging garden of brightly colored plants on shepherd’s hooks. Lame.

  2. leann says:

    i appreciate greg’s gardening hat

  3. Neon Relish says:

    I’d like to know where I can get myself a gardening hat like that! Also, I am still madly in love with those little metal outdoor tables of yours.

  4. Kate says:

    Greg got that hat in Hawaii, although the only other pictures I could really find of him wearing it were shirtless pics, which I’m not sure he would appreciate me posting on the blog.

  5. susanne says:

    Hey Greg, didn’t I see you at the Berkeley Bowl last saturday?

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