Martha my dear, you have always been my inspiration

Anyone who knows me knows of my love for Martha Stewart, in all of her let-them-eat-cake ignorance of how the common folk live. So you can imagine my joy when, upon picking up the most recent issue of MS Living at the airport the other day, I found that it now includes a feature called “Martha’s Calendar.” In addition to it being just plain amazing, I was also able to keep Greg’s mind off dying a fiery death during take-off. So many uses for Martha. In any event, I wanted to share some of my favorite excerpts with you:

June 3rd: Have vintage Edsel station wagon serviced in Maine
June 5th: Uncover barbecue station (for steaming lobsters) and ready the grill
June 6th: Peonies in all their glory; Pick up fresh milk and buttermilk from local Smith Family farm
June 12: Send horses to East Hamptom
June 14th: Horseback ride in Montauk; Watch a movie
June 16th: Take clothes to the dry cleaner
June 23rd [my personal favorite]: Fresians and miniature donkeys get their annual checkups
June 30th: Buy nonperishables and paper products in bulk, and store them in the basement

Oh that Martha, such a jet-setter! If anyone needs me the weekend of the 14th, I’ll be driving down Old Montauk Highway stalking all of the horseback riders.

(In all fairness, I did make the cucumber, basil and mint soup from this issue and it was delicious. Tomorrow I plan to make the blueberry scones.)


3 thoughts on “Martha my dear, you have always been my inspiration

  1. Neon Relish says:

    1: Excellent Beatles-related title.
    2: Does Greg know how lucky he is?! I would have paid cash money to hear this in-flight comedy routine!
    3: You’re right, the miniature donkey one IS pretty good…

  2. jessica says:

    I love how Martha plans a date over a month in advance where she will stock up on bulk paper products to store in her basement. Her blatant disregard for opportunity bargain sale shopping makes me want to be super rich too. Unless…. unless June 30th is Annual Hamptons Paper Product Sale Day? In which case, kudos, Mar!

  3. Heather says:

    Thank goodness you posted this. I *almost* forgot to schedule a check up for *my* miniature donkeys. Heavens!

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