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I have two inspiration photos for bedroom colors, but Greg and I can’t decide. He favors one, I favor the other. So here’s what you guys get to do: you get to vote on the color that we will sleep with until the end of time! Or at least until we paint again and/or sell the house.

Choice A: Light grey

Choice B: Sage green

Please help us!

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4 thoughts on “audience participation

  1. jessica says:

    We have a light gray in our bedroom, although the color we picked often looks more blue than gray. We also have a sage green color scheme in our living room. Our furniture is sage, but our walls are a very light tan color.

    So, that said, I’m still not sure.

    I can tell you that the light gray lets in a lot more light than the sage green. Depending on your window situation, this could be important. Or, I guess, depending how much natural light matters to you guys. I know that I need it to wake up every morning.

    Okay, I’m not much help at all.

    Regardless, keep us posted, with pics, please!

  2. kate says:

    i painted my last bedroom light grey and really loved it! it was really calm and i liked that i could throw any other color in there (lime green bed skirt, printed curtains) and it still worked. the color i chose had i sortof purple undertone that came out when the light shifted – i didn’t totally love that. i would suggest testing a few if you go this route!

  3. leann says:

    i just painted my spare bedroom a light grey (polar ice or something like that) and i love it. i agree with kate that in that it’s a calming color and totally versatile. grey is the new black…or is the the new white….?

  4. susanne says:

    i like the one wall sage, but if you’re doing the whole room, i’d go with the grey. I think it also depends on the exposure. If you have good sun exposure, i think the grey will be nice. If it’s northern, it might be too cool. Our bedroom was like a grey/green. I did like it. Also, the color can kind of change with the furniture. Also consider the floor color.

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