thus ends the dog days of summer

We took advantage of today’s beautiful weather to have one last hurrah of summer at the dog beach…

dog beach

dog beach

dog beach

dog beach

dog beach

Of course I’m sad as always that summer is ending, but every season brings its own excitement, and I’m definitely looking forward to sweaters and hot cider and crunchy orange leaves. And of course our trip to Amsterdam on Thursday!


4 thoughts on “thus ends the dog days of summer

  1. kate says:

    wait…where is this dog beach? everyone has been telling me that there are none to be had around here…has this been all lies???

    • Kate says:

      I think this is it…it’s right above Ocean City, NJ. The beach itself is sort of crappy, which is why I think they don’t mind people taking their dogs. There was a ton of people there yesterday, and surprisingly all the dogs seem to get along very well.

  2. Mom says:

    Stop with the vacation regret & guilt already!! Live in the moment! This is the vacation moment-be in it-immersion to exclusion of all else.

    Too Ambitious-Too ambitious-Straighten up the craft room first-with a time limit allowance. Then paint necessary trim & stairs-what fulfillment that will bring each time you mount or descend stairs. It will also be the foundation for the other plans. You don’t want to be painting with doors & windows shut against the cold. Get an electric heater for liv. room-it will make you feel cozy and it won’t be necessary to huddle. Should be small enough to take to whatever room you’re in.

    Love XXXOOO
    PS-Small bites-remember?

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