the waiting is the hardest part

We’re leaving for Amsterdam on Thursday! The funny thing is though, whenever we go on vacation, the mere idea of the vacation (not even the actual planning and packing, of which we’ve done very little this time around) takes up so much time that all I can do is think about the big plans I have for when we get back from vacation. It’s probably also a symptom of going away at the beginning of a new season, when you’re excited to start life over, make plans and resolutions, and enjoy the change of seasons in your own area. So right now all I can do is look around at the house and wring my hands over all the big things I want to do, but I don’t want to actually start anything until we get back.

1. The kitchen is great and all, but it’s really still only about 80% complete. I still need to do things like paint the trim, organize the cabinets and drawers, which have no rhyme or reason to them right now, go through the boxes of kitchen stuff that are still sitting in the basement, re-oil the butcher block counters, and hang stuff on the walls.

2. Finish the dining room, which needs to have the trim painted, new curtains, a new basement door, and a new rug.

3. Paint the stairs. Yuck! I’m so sick of staring at these hideous brown stairs, it makes the whole living room feel dingy.

4. I’m in the process of rearranging my craft room. By “in the process” i really mean that I basically tore the place apart the other night and then left it a mess. I’m rearranging the furniture and need to get a few new storage pieces. I’m preparing to settle myself in for a winter of crafting, so I need to make a space for myself that I really love.

5. Get in shape! Ugh, I’m so sick of myself right now, but I can’t seem to find the time to eat right and exercise. It really makes no sense, because dieting and exercising are the sorts of things that can really start at any moment. Like right….now. I could just decide that I’m going to have a salad for lunch instead of a big sandwich. But somehow it feels like a daunting task that you need to be fully prepared and have some sort of big ceremonious kickoff. And I’m sure Amsterdam is not going to help, as I’m infamous for gaining a ton of weight on vacation. Walking all day is no match for french fries dipped in mayo, Belgian waffles, and beer. But seriously, I’m turning into the Pillsbury dough girl over here, so I can’t wait to start hitting the gym.

6. Cook and bake more. Yes! This is completely in opposition to plan #5 of getting in shape. But cooking makes me feel much more connected to our house, and in a way it’s much healthier than heating up a chicken patty or some pasta, or even worse, going down to the Pope for beer and burgers.

7. Continue our outdoorsy activities well into the winter. We’ve gotten pretty into being outside this summer, and I don’t want the fall to slow us down. If anything the fall just screams for being outside. I want to keep hiking, walking all over the city, and just being outside whenever possible. This will hopefully carry the added bonus of toughening myself against the cold. I’m such a wimp with the cold weather, as soon as the temperature dips below 50 I become a whiny lump who wants nothing but to sit under blankets on the couch and wait for spring to come back. Not this year!

So there you have it, seven big plans all waiting in the wings, and I can’t start them until October!


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