the Great Gatsby? He was…uhhh…great!

Oh that I could ever in a million years get Greg to go to something like this – the Gatsby Summer Afternoon, which I just learned about via Nested. I think it’s pretty amazing that so many people are willing to get together and dress up and go to such lengths for a theme party. It’s hard enough to get all of our friends together just to go to a bar. Where are all of these people that are so devoted to the cause of silly frivolity and how can I get in on this?? Apparently they’re in the Bay Area, as I should have guessed.

Although I feel I must confess, after two tries of reading The Great Gatsby, I must say I can’t figure out what all the fuss is about. Now the *fashion* on the other hand, that I can dig.

(photos compliments of marianme on flickr)


One thought on “the Great Gatsby? He was…uhhh…great!

  1. susanne says:

    How did you not tell me about this?? Do you think these people will be at the renaissance fair next weekend?

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