addendum to my post about how I want a different life

I feel I should say a few more things about my post from yesterday, lest everyone think we’re miserable homeowners who regret their commitment and yearn for the open road. Yes, it’s true, we have talked about doing the same thing, dropping out of society for a bit and driving across country, which neither of us have ever had the opportunity to do. In theory I think it would be a good thing for us. Greg and I tend to nuzzle into our comfort zones and always choose the safe and reliable path in life, and sometimes I really want to shake things up and give up some of that security in exchange for some excitement and more meaningful experiences.

And then I remember the down side of things like, say, rehabbing a camper and spending a year driving across country:

– We complain almost every second about having to work on the house, and are incapable of doing most things without the help of professionals. What on earth makes me think doing the same thing to a camper would be any different?

– Cleaning out a waste tank? Yeah, no thanks. I mean, can anyone envision Greg standing outside in his underwear saying, “Merry Christmas! Shitter was full!” So yeah, pass on that.

– How would I order things from How would my mom send me my birthday card with $20 in it? Where would all of my Crate & Barrel catalogs go?!?

– Where would I store all my craft supplies?

– I’m not sure we’d fit in too well with the campground crowd, as we’re both democrats under the age of 65.

– Making every meal in a kitchen the size of an elementary school desk has got to get old pretty quickly.

– I’m not sure anyone we know would be willing to take Franny for an entire year. It’s basically like saying, “Can you take care of my tiny pet cougar? Thanks! Oh, but don’t get too close, and don’t look directly at her, and don’t talk to her. Other than that, she’s a sweetie.” We might just have to leave her on someone’s doorstep in a basket and hope for the best.

– We pretty much have like two friends that live outside of the east coast, so that would be quite a lonely year.

So yes, when you get down to the nuts and bolts, a trip like that could prove less glamourous than it seems on the surface. And ultimately, I’m a homebody. I like to cook, and decorate the house, and watch movies on the couch, and sew, and go down to our local on weeknights. I guess the moral of the story is that nothing is ever clear cut, and when it comes down to it there’s positives and negatives to every lifestyle choice, and maybe I just need to focus more on the positives of ours.


3 thoughts on “addendum to my post about how I want a different life

  1. leann says:

    what if you just rented a camper and went away for 2 weeks? i’ll watch franny.

    • Mom says:

      I think everyone at some point has wanted to do just that! Travel around for a year with no responsibilities for home & hearth, just enjoy every day in a different place in this vast country. Alas, 99.9% of people don’t do it for the very reasons you’ve outlined. Having taken that trip for 3 1/2 weeks in the 70’s, it was a wonderful trip all around. The cooking was an adventure and a challenge more than being pesty. How can I make a pie for dessert-how can I keep everything from spoiling in 99 degree temps in August. Where’s the laundromat?

      I agree with the comment-why not plan to rent a camper of some sort and try it for even a weekend for a start-somewhere in Virginia perhaps. Campgrounds are wonders-the showers, the rest rooms, etc. All to avoid having to empty anything.
      A year is a long time. 2 Weeks is not. Better to have a smaller window to plan for.
      When you go across the country there are miles and miles and miles of NOTHING.

      Another suggestion would be-visit national parks-I think it’s the 100 year anniversary of Natl. Park Dept.-there are soooo many of them with so much to offer. There was a documentary we saw that made me much more aware of how extensive the parks are. Worth checking out.

      You’re making the picture too big-make it smaller and you’re much more likely to tackle it; i.e. vacations, camping, the house. Small bites are much easier to focus on.

      Love & Hugs,

  2. mike says:

    or just do it with a modern twist. the technology works should oh make it easier. with the Internet we are not so tied to our desk jobs. i’msure you guys have enough work exp. and/or clout at work that they’d let you do sown sort of work out of the office to keep earning something and to keep your ace in the company. if not I’m sure you’d both be ae to find so ething that Ives you the fredom totravel and still be productive. I mean he’ll…I worked over the Internet for nextel whe living in Argentina. it’s a good time to try and have no regrets. go for it.

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