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Boy do I love Halloween. It’s the perfect holiday – fun, silly, and full of unhealthy food. I have such fond memories of swishing through leaves up to neighbors’ houses, bringing home a huge haul, and watching Halloween specials with a lap full of baby Snickers and Milky Ways. As an adult it’s a little difficult for me to get all that into it. I don’t really have any friends that have parties, my husband is a Halloween curmudgeon, and it always sneaks up on my and catches me unprepared. This year hasn’t been much different, although in the past few days I’ve gotten more into the spirit – I carved a pumpkin (which has already disintegrated), hung some lights, and made a ghost cake. Tonight we’re going to see Haunted Poe and maybe we’ll squeeze in a horror movie or two.

halloween 003

halloween 005

halloween 009

I brought Porter to work yesterday and thoroughly embarrassed him by parading him around in his chicken costume. It was quite the hit, only magnified by the fact that he looked so miserable in it. My favorite quote of the day was from Meredith, who said, “You already have the world’s most emo dog, and now you’re making him dress up like a chicken? What did you expect?”

halloween 015

halloween 016

I know that “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” gets most of the Halloween cartoon limelight these days, and I understand, because it holds a special place in my heart, too. There’s also “Mr. Boogedy”, which only my mom and I appreciate. But since Mr. Boogedy will sadly never be released on DVD, I’d like to introduce you to another oft-overlooked spooky gem that they never seem to show on TV anymore – Garfield’s Halloween Adventure:

And last but not least, a song I wish could be played all year long…


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