the world is your snowball

As pretty much everyone in the world knows, this weekend was a humdinger of a blizzard in the Philadelphia area. Amazingly, I’m finally posting now, despite being snowed in for two days and having absolutely no excuse for not writing on this here blog.

Friday Greg and I took the day off and went up to New York for the day, which turned out to be incredibly fortuitous considering we were housebound for the rest of the weekend. I don’t even think I knew that it was supposed to snow until we got home that night. I don’t pay much attention to the weather anymore, since stupid Hurricane Schwartz is wrong almost every time, so why worry?

So anyway, we braved the icy wind of the big city to get some Christmas enjoyment in. We walked around and ate lunch in the village, headed up to midtown to check out Macy’s and drink cider and watch the skaters in Bryant Park, met up with a friend of mine for a drink, walked past Rockefeller Center, breezed through FAO Schwartz, and got pizza at my old favorite, Famous Original Ray’s (not to be confused with Famous Ray’s or Original Ray’s). We picked up Porter at Gregs’ parents’ house *just* as it was starting to snow.





Saturday and Sunday were perfect snow days. We slept really late, laid around the house and read, took Porter out to frolic, watched movies, and trekked over to our local for a few beers. It felt like that scene in Raiders of the Lost Ark when Indy goes to Marion’s bar in Nepal, but luckily we didn’t have any creepy Chinese guys threatening us with a hot poker and trying to steal that amulet I wear around my neck. I wish I had take more pictures outside, but alas, I just wasn’t feeling photographically inspired.

Greg and I enjoy the snow, but I don’t think anyone could enjoy it as much as Porter, who would probably live out in it if it weren’t for his thin coat and hurty paw. We broke the rules (because there’s no rules during a snowstorm anyway) and brought him into the soccer field, which is off-limits for doggies. I put together the following video, which probably everyone who reads this has seen, but that I’ll post anyway.

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