link love: if I could talk to the animals

Since I don’t have any house stuff to share, I thought I’d give some love to some web sites that I’ve been obsessed with recently. I’ve been in a real natural science kick lately, on top of which anyone who knows me knows that I am already as obsessed with animals as a five year old who just went to the zoo for the first time. Apparently I missed my calling as a zoologist. Anyway, both of these sites are animal-related:

The Daily Telegraph Picture Earth Galleries

The Daily Telegraph has some amazing photo galleries that are right up my alley – photos of crazy animals or crazy animals in strange situations. A winning combination. Plus the photos have informative captions. Here’s a sampling:



Ok really, the handlers who get to work with these wee babies are so incredibly lucky. I’d shovel a heck of a lot of rhino dung just to get to cuddle with one of those little baby dik-diks.


2 thoughts on “link love: if I could talk to the animals

  1. Neon Relish says:

    MAN! This is really something. Also, you know – have you *tried* to talk to the animals? Because I bet you could do a pretty good imitation of their language. At the very least, I bet they would get a kick out of your attempts at mimicry…

  2. kate says:

    i’ve been looking at that baby dik-dik at least 3 times a day since it was posted. it’s just too much.

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