how bad is it? we’re living in a swiss cheese with doors

Sorry for the repeat title for any of my Facebook friends, I just feel it really suits our house at the moment.

Well, the project is coming along. I *think* well, but I couldn’t swear to it. We have two separate rooms now, and the plumbing is done. This is sort of two projects together – the laundry room/closet, and also replacing the stack pipe. We decided to have them done together because our contractor could use the open stack chase to run the wire, and then patch up the wall when the stack is done. Of course the stack turned out to be in worse condition than we thought, and needed to be replaced from the basement up to the second floor toilet. Apparently you could basically break the cast iron with your hand if you tried hard enough. So despite the extra damage that was incurred, I feel that a few big holes in the wall are a fair trade off for keeping raw sewage out of the walls, right?

On a good note, the rooms look great so far. The laundry room is pretty sizable, plenty of room for lots of shelves. The closet is pretty big too, although it’s tough to tell how spacious it will be when we actually get shelves and bars in there.

It’s also incredibly difficult to take good pictures of a tiny room that is nothing but drywall. And also I haven’t had time to figure out how to use my fancy camera properly yet, so that’s an issue in itself. But in the interest of documentation, here’s some photos:

Closet in bedroom:

early stages of the new bedroom closet

Laundry room:

early stages of the laundry room

Stack stuff:

stack replacement

let's look at the damage together

will you please look at my damage?

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