clean slate (and sheets)

Unfortunately the completion of the laundry room project has coincided with general craziness at work, which means I have no desire to spend any length of time on the computer when I get home.

But yes, the project is coming along! And by “coming along” I mean the contractors have come and gone and now it’s up to us to finish the job, which is of course why the whole thing is dragging. Also, taking photographs of tiny rooms is not the easiest thing, so I’ve been avoiding it. But we now have a functioning (and may I add fancy) washer and dryer, along with a plethora of shelves for storage. We’ve still got some finishing touches to add – we need a folding table, a place to store the detergent, some hooks to hang an ironing board, and other small things. But I’ve been catching up on a huge backlog of laundry for the past week or so (Porter is very sad that neither of his dog beds smell like cheese anymore) and it feels sooooo good to put on clean soft clothes and sleep in crisp sheets again. Oh, and the days of the harsh buzzer are gone – our washer & dryer actually plays a happy little song when the clothes are done. I never thought doing laundry would actually be fun, but the sound effects really get you pumped to do some washing.







We haven’t done much with the master bedroom closet other than paint, so no progress to report there. Oh, and as for the collateral damage, it’s pretty much as patched as it’s going to be at this point, until we get around to redoing the bathroom, that is.



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