another nail through my wall

After 3+ years of living here, I still feel like I haven’t entered the “decorating” phase of home renovation. Why is that? Even though many of the rooms are for the most part “done”, we haven’t done much with them beyond the painting phase. Although maybe the issue is that as soon as we get a room painted and “finished” it proceeds to collect mountains of homeless crap and in the end I’d rather just close the door on it. And there’s also that dreaded feeling of messing with the plaster, it feels so permanent. But sometimes you gotta just take the bull by the horns and put a few holes in the wall. I was cleaning the bedroom today and for the fiftieth time had to vacuum around the two paint-by-numbers sitting on the floor and I thought, dammit, I’m just going to hang these up. They didn’t come out perfectly (I hung them too high – classic decorating mistake) but they’re just two tiny holes that we can patch up later. For now at least I got them out of harm’s way AND filled up that giant space on the bedroom wall.

paint by numbers in the bedroom


2 thoughts on “another nail through my wall

  1. susanne says:

    I still haven’t put my paint by numbers up yet (as you know) but i will now. Every time i look at them I think of that exhibit at the national gallery. Oh what i wouldn’t give to have that ethel merman original paint-by-numbers.

  2. ruth says:

    Now it’s 2011-time to get posting!

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