home after the holidays

Happy New Year all!  As usual, one of my resolutions is to blog more.  My mom said she’s sick of seeing the same post every time she comes to the site, so I’d better get my tail in gear and shake the dust off this old thing.

We had a pretty respectable holiday season around here.  After a rocky start to the season, involving my car dying two hours away with the Christmas tree on top and my wonderful brother having to drive us back to Philly (and the following weekend mainly consisting of driving many hours to pick it up) things went smoothly from there on out.  My sister and her husband came in from California and were able to take advantage of the newly done-up guest room (related entry soon to follow, I promise!).  It was really nice having visitors around over the holidays, it made the house feel a little warmer and more festive.  Christmas Eve was our tradition of having Greg’s family over for dinner and merriment, and Christmas day we drove up to my brother’s house in Connecticut for a delicious dinner. 

The new year for me is usually filled with grandiose plans and resolutions for the upcoming year, but I feel a little differently this time around.  Aside from the obligatory “get down to my goal weight” and “finish fixing up the house”, I don’t really have any big plans for 2011.  I’m realizing that actually I feel pretty content these days, and my life doesn’t really feel like a fixer-upper at the moment.  In the past few months I’ve changed jobs, which resulted in everyone at my old job finally really showing their appreciation for me, and a new position that will hopefully be less stressful and allow for a little more enjoyment of my free time.  The house is coming along, I love my husband, I get endless entertainment out of the animals, and I have a Kindle full of good books I can’t wait to read.  Life is good.

If I have any resolutions this year, it’s to focus on the small things and don’t let the big things overwhelm me.  Break scary things up into small 20-minute chunks. Take time to do some craft projects, hang artwork, knit a scarf, take pictures, tend my houseplants, cook good meals.  I tend to put off the little things because sometimes the bigger projects overshadow everything else, and especially where the house is concerned, it feels like putting lipstick on a pig.  Just because the hallway isn’t painted yet doesn’t mean that the guest room doesn’t deserve to have some artwork and nice curtains.  And just because the bedroom doors are ugly doesn’t mean I shouldn’t make a terrarium to put on a shelf somewhere.  Maybe the little things will really be what transform the Passyunk Palace from a house to a comfortable home.

Without further ado, here is a brief pictorial summary of our holiday season (which makes me think that my other resolution needs to be practicing with my SLR):

Selecting that most important of Christmas symbols:

Despite freezing our arses off, we had a great day in New York visiting Rockefeller Center and Bryant Park:


Santa brought Greg and his brother these horse head masks, which were the hit of the evening:
Mom & Dad B


Porter wonders who this new family member is

Matt is a dapper horse

a little known fact that horses enjoy beer

brother horses

the lovely equine couple

Porter decides he likes squirrels more than horses

Christmas dinner with the Lynch family


Santa also brought my nieces some mustaches, which everyone proceeded to steal:








2 thoughts on “home after the holidays

  1. ruth says:

    Great pics!! Love to see you in your own environment. Can picture you in every room. New year is a great time for starting over with small things. Love this blog. Love you. mom

  2. brenda says:

    yay! kate is blogging again! love it.

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