guest room: before and after

Before the holidays we had our contractor do some work on our bathroom and guest room, so I should probably catch up on that.

As I look back at the old photos I took when we first set up the guest room, they *almost* make it look not terrible. That is, until you see the close-up shots. But we knew eventually we’d have to rewire the electric, replace the light, and do some serious patching. We spent what felt like ages working on spackling, sanding and painting, but in the end it just never looked right, I really hated the color we chose, the map was just a bit too much for such a small room, and a roof leak ultimately gave us the excuse we needed to get the work done.




Guest room - before

Guest room - before

Guest room - before

Guest room - before

Guest room - before

Guest room - before

Our contractor rewired the room (oh the endless saga of knob and tube wiring), skim coated the walls to make them all nice, put new trim around the windows and baseboards along the floors, removed the monstrosity of a built-in air conditioner, and hung a ceiling fan.


guest room after

guest room after

It’s not quite a done deal – it still needs some things hung on the wall, a dresser for storage, and some new curtains. The computer station is a temporary thing, necessitated by the fact that both Greg and I worked from home after the snow storm last week and would have been throwing elbows in the office together. Although I must say, there is something about having a simple and clean computer set up that is so much more conducive to constructive computing than the state of chaos that our office is currently in.

Overall I love the room. I love the color and the lack of clutter – it feels very fresh and relaxing. Now if only we could figure out how to make the rest of the house feel this way.

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