you don’t need Hurricane to know which way the wind blows

Well well, an earthquake and a hurricane in one week. Not too bad for the Northeast! Hope all of you made it through safe and sound. My parents and brother are currently without power (which means I’m losing half my audience here), but as for the Passyunk Palace, we were very lucky and got by with a couple of inches of water in the basement. I was actually a little disappointed that we didn’t even lose power at any point, as I was looking forward to playing some board games by the Coleman lantern, but I guess it’s for the best. But of course having power enabled us to sit fixated in front of the tv listening to Hurricane Schwartz say “I told you so” for 36 hours.

In addition to taking lots of naps, watching some movies, reading some books, and taking some more naps, we passed the time by…

hanging up some art in the hallway…
hallway art

playing with our new Dyson vacuum (this is from just one quick run over the carpet – SO GROSS…yet so satisfying!)…
first run of the Dyson

and trying to keep Porter as happy as possible, considering he hates the rain, and hates being toweled off even more…

Porter toweling off


One thought on “you don’t need Hurricane to know which way the wind blows

  1. I found your blog while looking for videos of “Hurricane Schwartz” and “I told you”. The very specific reason for this search is that the night that Irene came through, my wife and I were actually tripping and we weren’t sure if that freak out was as serious as we thought or if that was the drugs. He seriously freaked out and I HAVE TO find it!

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