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link love: if I could talk to the animals

Since I don’t have any house stuff to share, I thought I’d give some love to some web sites that I’ve been obsessed with recently. I’ve been in a real natural science kick lately, on top of which anyone who knows me knows that I am already as obsessed with animals as a five year old who just went to the zoo for the first time. Apparently I missed my calling as a zoologist. Anyway, both of these sites are animal-related:

The Daily Telegraph Picture Earth Galleries

The Daily Telegraph has some amazing photo galleries that are right up my alley – photos of crazy animals or crazy animals in strange situations. A winning combination. Plus the photos have informative captions. Here’s a sampling:



Ok really, the handlers who get to work with these wee babies are so incredibly lucky. I’d shovel a heck of a lot of rhino dung just to get to cuddle with one of those little baby dik-diks.


it’s oh so quiet

Just coming out of hibernation to bring you two very important bits of information:

1. Porter likes cookies:

Porter likes cookies

2. The bird is the word:


That is all. We’re boring these days and all we do is watch movies under blankets and read books. Hardly worth blogging about.

ode to the forgotten child

You know, Franny really gets a bad rap. Not like she doesn’t bring it on herself – she hisses at anyone who’s not me and Greg, she tortures Porter, she scratches on all of my Anthropologie furniture, and she requires special prescription food that’s expensive and hard to come by. But still. She’s been with me for a long time, almost eight years. I even remember a certain someone [coughcoughGREGcoughcough] telling me, “Don’t get a cat, I hate cats, they’re terrible.” And although Porter tends to steal the limelight these days, I still love my Franny Fran.